Introducing The Kingsford Kitchen

Dining at Kingsford brings together a love of country home cooking, gourmet flair and some of the finest produce to be found in Australia.

Our seasonal menus are designed by guest chef Stuart Oldfield, who loves to use ingredients from Barossa growers and producers. (He knows most of them personally so don’t be surprised to meet a few of the locals when they drop off some freshly harvested fare...)

We alternate dinners, so you’ll enjoy a three-course dinner one night and a five-course dinner the next.


“My parents are fantastic cooks, and so were their parents. My memories of rolling pastry with my grandmother, making passion fruit jelly (we had to go pick the fruit first!) and baking in the wood ovens are still vivid. When I look back now, I see this childhood experience as being one of the major influences on my quest for the quality produce that I use today…”

Chef Stuart Oldfield